School Performances

For over the last 10 years Tamara “La Garbancito” has been going into secondary schools and presenting a multi-media demonstration of Flamenco, the music and dance from Southern Spain, and getting students involved in learning how different cultures interact with our own. In a school presentation, La Garbancito is able to not only entertain and teach in large assemblies, but also for individual classroom sessions and/or master classes.  The presentation can be tailored to fit your individual schools needs. A normal day would be two large assemblies and two or three smaller gatherings, however as mentioned before, it can be tailored to fit your needs.

La Garbancito’s program will entertain students and adults alike, using her expertise in dance and singing, as well as her comprehensive knowledge of the Spanish culture. The show is an innovative educational experience that offers a full color slide show presentation, dance, songs, costumes, and much more to keep everyone actively participating.

Dressed in native costume, Tamara introduces the audience to Spain, the land of bullfights and castles; the land that has influenced the United States in history, language, music and art.  She uses castanets and flamenco footwork to demonstrate the colorful and lively dance and music of Spain.  Teachers appreciate the educational slide show presentation which gives on overview of Spain’s geography, food and customs.  Students are encouraged to actively participate throughout the presentation and some even volunteer to dress up in costume to dance for all to enjoy.  The workshops that follow the assembly give students the opportunity of a close-up look at items which are typical of Spain’s culture, from fans and lace to bullfights and guitars.

Tamara La Garbancito has done programs at more than 300 schools in the last decade, in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Nebraska, and has dedicated this part of her professional life to bringing an understanding of the Spanish cultures and how it melds into our own.

What Educators are Saying

“Students from kindergarten through high school exhibited their enjoyment of the programs by being attentive and enthusiastic, and voice their hope to have La Garbancito back next year.” – Bonnie Diefenfdorf, Elementary Principal,Sacred Heart Elementary and High School, Jefferson City, MO

“I was so surprised by all the hands being raised so they (the students) could have a chance to get up and participate. Tamara kept their minds interested. – Suzanne Kaullen, PTO President, Lexington R-5 School District

“The objects she brought with her and the music…..allowed the students at Newbury the opportunity to visit a new culture.” – Rose Blair, Counselor, Newbury R-11 School District

“Tamara is dazzling, while being very down to earth, approachable, and very comfortable with the students.  She effortlessly engaged students in her workshops, and transitioned easily between sessions.  She was very flexible and adaptable without any hint of stress or anxiety.  She was in essence – very professional. – Deborah Tollerton, Principal, Father McCartan Memorial School,  Marceline, Missouri

The presenter, Tamara, a professional educator, mesmerized our student with her knowledge of the Spanish culture, especially the music and dancing……..The students were able to recite Spanish vocabulary and perform Spanish dances by the time Tamara was finished.” – Diane Kassel, Principal, Null Elementary School, St. Charles Missouri

“Tamara and her accompanying guitarist Raul enthralled a wide range of students at our school…….She gave a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and energy to every inspiring performance.  After viewing the large assortment of objects they brought, our students sate enthralled or participated in some of the dance moves and learned Spanish words….The high school students were amazed at the complexity of the flamenco rhythm’s and guitar work, and many expressed any interest in learning where they could acquire this music. – Diana Simmons, Spanish teacher, Neelyville School District, Neelyville, Missouri

There are dozens and dozens of letters like this that we have received over the past years, and each brings joy to us that we have been able to share Tamara’s talent and educational expertise with so many students.

Book Tamara La Garbancito in Your School

To find out more about booking Tamara La Garbancito, contact or call 816-741-6171.  You will be contacted with further information.

Tamara is on the touring artists roster of the Missouri Arts Council, and grants may be applied for through the Arts Council to help defray the expense of bringing this program to your school.

We look forward to seeing and dancing for you soon!